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Studying in Baden-Württemberg

Where do I get information on my degree programme at a certain university? Where do I find information on scholarships? How can the International Office help me? These questions and more are answered on this website:  


Take a close look at the overview of higher education institutions and the wide variety of undergraduate and post-graduate programmes they have to offer. Of course, we have only listed the programmes offered in english language. For all study programmes held in the German language, please contact the institutes of higher education directly.

Find out about language programmes and make use of the invaluable links to the International Offices who can provide you with all the information you need on the institute of your choice. 

Post-graduate students are invited to benefit from our Step-By-Step Guide to Application which includes detailed information on how, where and when to apply for your course of study.

So, take a look at the academic landscape of Baden-Württemberg and remember:

Great minds think alike!